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Do you have a hiding place?

This is a very emotional question. When I was a child, I wanted to be invisible. I would hide in the woods near our house. There was a huge hollow log that I could crawl inside. It was so big that … Continue reading

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How to heal your fears.

It was John Clarke who said “Go back a little to leap further.” In my last post, (http://maggielr.com/2011/10/09/is-fear-of-failure-blocking-your-success/ ) I discussed fears. I suggest recalling the time that you first experienced a fear. I suggest using a journal to write the details by answering some … Continue reading

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One Journey Ends, Another Begins

What an adventure! What a beautiful and diverse continent we inhabit. After 4 months, 15,000 pictures, over 32,000 km, 17 states, 5 provinces and 2 territories we arrived home safe, tired, yet energetic. I have been to deserts and mountains, lakes and oceans, … Continue reading

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I am Thirsty

Something is missing. There is so much going on now, but something is missing. I am busy preparing for the upcoming trip. I am busy exercising and walking and preparing for the big walk on Sunday. I am hungry but … Continue reading

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