My Bucket List

Things I want to do:   in NO particular order:

  1. Go for a Hot Air Balloon ride
  2. Write a novel
  3. learn to play the guitar
  4. Take a cruise on the Amazon River
  5. visit Chile
  6. travel to India and the Himalayas
  7. See a polar bear in the wild.
  8. Win a photography competition
  9. Weigh under 140 lbs
  10. Run a 5km race.
  11. Travel to Newfoundland
  12. Hike the West Coast trail
  13. Sleep in a yurt.
  14. Go cross-country skiing.
  15. Learn to Juggle.
  16. Visit San Francisco
  17. Repell down a cliff
  18. Go para-sailing
  19. Go hang-gliding
  20. Travel to Japan
  21. Eat in a sidewalk cafe in Paris
  22. Go on a meditation retreat.
  23. Read every book of the Bible
  24. Get my Scuba Diving license
  25. Fly first class
  26. Volunteer with “Operation Christmas Child” to deliver the boxes.
  27. Dip my toe in the Arctic Ocean.
  28. Visit all 50 American States
  29. Visit all 10 Canadian Provinces and 3 Territories.
  30. Go to at least 25 Zumba classes
  31. Travel the Oregon Coast
  32. Spend New Years Eve at Times Square.
  33. Go to the Olympics

This list is under construction.

Things that were on my bucket list and have now been completed:

  1. Ride in a helicopter
  2. Travel to the arctic
  3. See a grizzly bear in the wild
  4. Retire
  5. Climb on the highest mountain in Canada Changed to climb on the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, Mt Robson.
  6. See the Grand Canyon
  7. Travel to Africa
  8. Stand on the equator
  9. Stand on the Arctic Circle

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