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The cat walk

Keeping fit is one of my retirement goals. Last evening, my husband and I decided to go for a long, quick-paced walk. Taking the dog is mandatory. Just one look at her face, seeing the excitement in her wagging tail, we … Continue reading

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Half Marathon – can you believe it?

I could hardly sleep last night. Worried, excited, then worried some more. Would the rain hold off? Why is my hip hurting? What should I wear if it rains? Will I be too cold? Will I be too hot? Thoughts … Continue reading

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Down to the Wire

I am down to the wire. I have focused on myself for the first four months of this year. I have concentrated my efforts on eating healthy and getting fit. I wanted to lose the 15 extra pounds that found their way … Continue reading

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I am trying Yoga

  I am really enjoying the yoga classes at Fitness Force. I started going maybe six weeks ago and I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my flexibility. I need all the help I can get at my age.  I … Continue reading

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wwwp5k – Meeting the Challenged 5K

The Challenge: to walk/run 5k I walk often and in fact, I am currently training for a half marathon walk, which is 21k, so I used this challenge from Word Press as part of my training. The difference – I took … Continue reading

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Hiking Trails in Georgina

  A beautiful and sunny day today. I recieved great news. I got the results of the “Stress Test” I had done at Southlake Hospital. I was so glad to hear everything looked normal, my heart is pumping as it … Continue reading

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The Walk That Got Away

John and I decided to take the dog for a walk on Sunday afternoon. What began as an ordinary walk, became quite extraordinary. We walked the few blocks to the Queensway and headed south. It was a fairly pleasant day, rather grey, no … Continue reading

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