Bucket List Bonus on Mount Robson

Hiking on the highest mountain in the Rockies, Mount Robson replaced  a dream of mine.  I am not a climber, I want to see it, enjoy its splendour and feel it beneath my feet. I could not get near Mt Logan, so I scratched it off the bucket list and added Mount Robson.

The mountain covered in clouds

The morning we arrived in Mount Robson National Park, the rain clouds covered the entire mountain. Scrambling to the visitors centre, I quickly looked for the weather forecast. Rain: all day. My heart sank. Could we stay one more day? The weatherman promised clearing skies.

We found a campsite and spent the rainy day watching the salmon jumping at Rearguard Falls.

Salmon jumping out of the water, trying to get up the river.

The morning greeted us with blue skies. A Mule Deer standing at our campsite ensured me this was the day.

A deer came to tell me this was going to be the day.

The Berg Lake Trail wound through the valley following the Robson River. An easy 4km trail took us through forests of giant cedar and hemlock to Lake Kinney at the base of Mount Robson.

Giant Red Cedar along the trail

The forest opened up to give us a glimpse of the majestic mountain. The peak still covered in white clouds.

We can almost see the top of Mount Robson

Beautiful Kinney Lake is fed by the many glaciers of the nearby mountains.

Kinney Lake

I wanted to go higher. I wanted to enjoy the mountain alone. I left John beside the lake and continued along the trail.

At the far end of Kinney Lake, the trail divides. The hiking trail pointed west, the horse trail toward my mountain. The decision to follow the horse trail was the turning point. It followed the rocky stream bed, higher and higher.

The horse trail followed the stream bed

The warm sun and the feel of the mountain beneath my feet was intoxicating. My feet moved over the rocks as if they had wings. I could see the powerful mountain, there were no trees to block my view. I am here. I am on Mount Robson. My heart was singing.

Suddenly my eyes were wide open. There before me I saw a small glacier. I climbed on the ice and explored. There were some crevices, some caves.

view from the glacier

I knew John was waiting for me, so I reluctantly said farewell and thank you to the mountain which gave me this wonderful moment and added a bonus to my bucket list.

Standing in front of my mountain


About Maggie L R

I want to add colour to my life, I want to take each day and make it my own. I love simple pleasures. A hot cup of coffee in the early morning on the deck watching the dog chase the ball. The expressions on the faces of my grandchildren. I love to explore, to take a road I have never been on and see what unfolds. I love to travel. I love a challenge. I have decided I want to live a long and healthy life so I have challenged myself to get into shape both physically and mentally.
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4 Responses to Bucket List Bonus on Mount Robson

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  2. edebock says:

    Wow! Where have you two NOT been? You’re definitely seeing all that this amazing country has to offer!

    You’re very fortunate to have seen Mt. Robson in all its glory. We’ve passed by so many times on our way to the coast and it’s almost always shrouded in cloud. Finally, on our last trip, we saw it with only a bit of cloud at the peak just like in your picture.

    Your salmon photo is fabulous, by the way!

    Continue to enjoy your journey. I’m certainly enjoying ‘travelling’ with you through your blog.

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